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Favorite and Useful Links

Chess CafeOne of the most entertaining and instructive chess sites containing a dozen excellent monthly columns, many superb book reviews, plus a wealth of other useful information.

West Orange Chess Club A chess club located in West Orange, New Jersey, where they're big fans of Fred Wilson!

Smartchess One of the most reliable chess retailers with an outstanding inventory of new books, chess equipment, and probably the best selection of chess videos in the United States.

Marshall Chess Club The best chess club in the entire known universe! wow!

The Week in Chess by Mark Crowther An unbelievably useful site where you can find all the worthwhile games played recently, plus great book reviews by John Watson, and much, much more!!

Tim Krabbe's Chess Curiosities A fascinating place to visit often, filled with Krabbe's weird, wild and wonderful discoveries in Chess Lore.

The Chess Federation of Canada

US Chess Federation

The University of Pittsburgh Chess Club Contains an incredible amount of American archival historical data.

Internet Chess Club A great place to play chess on the internet.

Tim Harding's Chess Mail A cool correspondence site.

John C. Knudsen's Correspondence Chess

Chess is Fun

British Chess Magazine

Rohde's Chess System/Kid's Chess Network Contains a terrific selection of begininer/intermediate tutorials for both children and adults.

David Kolker An awesome blues band with exceptionally talented guests.

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