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1RARE CHESS SETBaron, Staunton type, wood, weighted, 4 inch King.Buenos Aires, Argrentinaca. 1992OPLess than 250 of these great sets were produced. I was the USA distributor and sold about 15 of them for $900.00 each. Fine condition! NO PHOTOS & NO SHIPPING. YOU MUST VISIT MY SHOP TO SEE (& POSSIBLY) BUY THIS AND MY OTHER FINE SETS.$1100.00
2LEVENFISH, G. (editor)MOSCOW 1936 International Chess Tournament.Notes by the tournament Competitors, edited and translated by Jimmy Adams from the original 1937, 245pp.Yorklyn, DE: Caissa Editions1988OP Nice copy of this well-made hardcover. Scarce.$30.00
3Ehn, Michael (editor)RUDOLPH SPIELMANN. Portrait eines Schachmeisters in Texten und Partien.288pp.Darmstadt1996OPA nice biography (in GERMAN) with 35 deeply annotated games. Fine copy in d-j.$25.00
4Thimann, R. G.King's Gambit. A Game Collection.196pp.Nottingham: The Chess Player Ltd.1974OPpb, vg copy. Contains 208 annotated games! Descriptive notation. Scarce.$ 15.00
5Marten, Gero H.AARON NIMZOWITSCH. 1886-1935. Ein Leben fur das Schach. (in German)x, 357pp.Hamburg: Verlag das Schacharchiv1995OP1st edition. Fine copy.$ 20.00
6LEVENFISH, G. R.(TOURNAMENT BOOK) LENINGRAD 1934-35. IX Russian Chess Championship. (in RUSSIAN!)228pp.Tiflis1937OPSlightly rubbed, pages browned (as always) & a couple of repairs to front inner hinge, but still a nice copy of this very scarce SOVIET CHAMPIONSHIP, in the original fragile cloth binding. L/N 5491.$ 60.00
7Hooper, David and Kenneth WhyldThe Oxford Companion to Chess.(7)483pp.Oxford1992.OPSecond Edition. Serious students of chess history need both editions as there are additions AND deletions in the 2nd ed.! Also, there is a totally new selection of games & illustrations in the "New Edition". Fine copy in very good d-j.$30.00
8Fiske, Daniel W.The Book of the First American Chess Congress...New York 1857.563pp.Zurich: Editions Olms1985OPThe Olms reprint of the important work, first published in 1859. Fine copy in d-j.$25.00
9Pachman, LudekComplete Chess Strategy 3: Play on the Wings.174pp.New York, 1st American Edition1979OPThe really scarce one! VG albeit slightly dusty copy in good d-j.$30.00
10Soltis, AndyChess to Enjoy.(5) 227pp.New York: Stein and Day1978OPFine copy in vg d-j. A very entertaining potpourri! Scarce.$15.00
11Nunn, JohnTactical Chess Endings.ix, 204pp.London1981OP1st ed. Fine copy in d-j.$20.00
12Hooper, David and Kenneth WhyldThe Oxford Companion To Chess(7)407pp.Oxford1984OP1st edition. Nice copy in d-j.$20.00
13Edmondson, E.B. and Tal, M.Chess Scandals The 1978 World Chess Championship235pp.New York1981OPHardcover. Very scarce. Nice copy$35.00
14Alekhine, AlexanderOn the Road to the World Championship 1923-1927.ix, 217pp.Oxford1984OPPaperbound, a VG copy. Contains his entire match with Capablanca, along with much else. Now scarce!$20.00
15Wilson, FredSimple Attacking Plans.175pp.Newton Highlands, MA: Mongoose Press2012pb, NEW. (2nd printing with corrections) Contains 37 well-annotated instructive games from which I believe you can learn some useful attacking concepts. Inscribed on request. SPECIAL SUMMER PRICE! (list price: $14.95)$ 12.00
16Keene, Raymond and Nathan DivinskyWarriors of the Mind.(9)342pp.Hardinge Simpole1989OPA way overrated piece of crap—-although some people feel it's a good games collection—-which attempts to rank the 64 strongest players of all time, listing Alekhine 18th. Words fail me. Fine copy in d-j. Pretty scarce nowadays.$20.00
17Pohl, DuncanVINTAGE CHESS SETS of the United States. Revised, Second Edition.394pp.(Charleston, SC)2016Paperbound & printed on very good paper! A masterpiece of research, profusely illustrated with hundreds of color photos! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to chess set collectors! MINT.$ 62.00
18Glyn, AnthonyThe Dragon Variation.319pp.New York: Simon and Schuster1969OP1st US edition. A very scarce chess NOVEL–I have not had a copy in a "dog's age"! This is also probably the funniest chess novel ever! VG copy in worn d-j.$ 20.00
19Adams, Jimmy (ed.)MIKHAIL CHIGORIN:The Creative Chess Genius. Edited and translated from the Russian by…300pp.Yorklyn, DE1987OP The very scarce first edition. Fine copy.$50.00
20Karpov, Anatoly (editor)Secrets from Russia. Chess Theory and Analysis. 1993.470pp.Seattle1994OPPaperbound, fine copy.$20.00
21Tchigorin, M. I.Third Russian National Chess Tournament KIEV 1903.(4)xii, folding frontis., 152pp.Stanton, Delaware: Caissa Limited Editions1972OP1/300 copies only of this nicely done reprint of one of the rarest Russian tournament books. (IN RUSSIAN). Fine copy.$30.00
22(TOURNAMENT BOOK, Vienna 1882)) Bijl, Christiaan M.Das II. Internationale Schachmeisterturnier Wien 1882. (in German)434pp.Zurich: Edition Olms1984OPIt took just over 100 years for this great event to get a book--Steinitz & Winawer tied for first--but better late than never! Fine copy in d-j. Scarce.$ 35.00
23(American Chess Congresses)The Second, Third and Fourth American Chess Congresses:Cleveland 1871/Chicago 1874/Philadelphia 1876.112+103+199pp.Zurich: Editions Olms1985OPThree vols. in one! The Olms reprint, in one volume, of three of the rarest American tournament books. Fine copy in d-j.$30.00
24Pachman, LudekCheckmate in Prague.216pp.NY: Macmillan Pub. Co.,1975OPVery good copy in slightly scuffed d-j. Scarce.$15.00
25Keene, Raymond & Nathan DivinskyWarriors of the Mind. A Quest for the Supreme Genius of the Chess Board.(9) 342pp. + 8pp. of photos(Brighton): Hardinge Simpole Publishing1989OPFine copy in d-j. Very scarce. A few years ago on the ChessBase website Edward Winter undeservedly, in my opinion, kicked this off his "worst five chess books in English" to make room for another work he thought was even worse! Of course, if you also believe Alekhine was only the 18th best player of all time, you must buy this book!$30.00
26Seirawan, GM Yasser & IM Jonathan TisdallFive Crowns. Kasparov-Karpov 1990 World Chess Championship 1990. New York—Lyon.251pp.Seattle1991OPPaper, fine copy. Certainly the best book on this match.$15.00
27Heidenfeld, W. Edited with a Foreward by John Nunn.Draw!viii, 216pp.London: George Allen & Unwin1982OPFirst edition. A terrific, and now quite scarce, anthology of 64 hard-fought games. Fine copy in VG d-j.$ 30.00
28Chess periodicalNEW IN CHESS MAGAZINE 2004.approx. 800pp.The Netherlands2004OPA complete year (8 issues), unbound (as issued), in VG condition, of the BEST CHESS MAGAZINE EVER PUBLISHED. This year has on the cover of the 1st issue the great photo of Judit Polgar with a REAL lion cub on her desk at home!

I usually have several complete, unbound years in stock (@ $25.00 each), so please inquire via phone or email and/or send me your "New In Chess" want list.
$ 25.00
29Boleslavsky, IsaacISAAC BOLESLAVSKY. Selected Games. Edited and Translated by Jimmy Adams.288pp.London1988OPScarce. Fine copy. A truly great games collection!$40.00
30Averbakh, Yuri & Vitaly ChekhoverComprehensive Chess Endings. Volume 1. Bishop Endings & Knight Endings.xii, 213pp.Oxford: Pergamon1983OPFine copy. Quite scarce.$30.00
31van der Linde, A.Das Erste Jartausend der Schachlitteratur (850-1880). Facsimile (edition). With an Introduction by Dale A. Brandreth and a postscript and errata by Egbert Meissenburg.(7) 112 (4) pp.Yorklyn, DE: Caissa Limited Editions1979OP1/700 copies. Fine copy, now quite scarce.$ 40.00
32Shamkovich, LeonidThe Chess Terrorist's Handbook. Edited by Paul Hodges.xvi, 148pp.Macon, Georgia: American Chess Promotions1995OPPaperbound, VG copy. Despite the unfortunate title this is quite a good book and really a collection of Shamkovich's best games. Becoming scarce.$ 15.00
33Steiner, GeorgeFields of Force. Fischer & Spassky at Reyjavik.(6)86pp.New York1974OPNice copy in d-j. An "essential trivial endeavor", being an arrogant literary critic's jaundiced view of the match in particular, and chessplayers in general. Not worth reading, but don't take my word for it--find out what a snotty piece of junk this is yourself! Not scarce enough.$15.00
34Levy, David & Kevin O'Connell (editors)Oxford Encyclopedia of Chess Games. Volume 1, 1485-1866 (all published)xviii, 527pp.Oxford: Oxford University Press1981OPContains approx. 4000 games! Very good copy in d-j. Extremely scarce.$ 35.00
35Magriel, PaulBackgammon.xii, 404pp.Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Company1976OPFine copy in d-j. Very scarce. Still the best introductory book on this game.$40.00
36Benko, PalThe Benko Gambit.(6)143pp.New York: RHM Publishing1973OPFirst edition. VG copy d-j. Still best strategically instructive book about this opening.$20.00
37Hilbert, John S.Napier. The Forgotten Grandmaster.(3)iv, 354pp.Yorklyn, DE: Caissa Editions1997OPHilbert's amazingly well-researched work (as usual) about a very underrated player. Fine copy.$ 30.00
38Alekhine, A. Das New Yorker Schachturnier 1927. Bearbeitet von A Aljechin (Alekhine).(3)176pp. + 6pp. of adsBerlin und Leipzig1928OPFirst edition of the one the greatest tournament books. A very good copy.$60.00
39MacDonald - Ross, MichaelNimzo - Indian Defence: Leningrad System135pp.London1978OPFine copy, paperbound. Very scarce! Still the only book on this fascinating variation, and quite a good one. I used to play it myself and won a big game against IM Walter Shipman with it in 1967, which was published in Horowitz's column in the NY Times.$20.00
40Winter, Edward (Editor)World Chess Champions.iv, 185pp. + 8pp. of illus.Oxford; Pergamon Press1981OPContains interesting material by Hooper, Whyld, Diggle, Cozens, et al. A very nice copy, pb, and now quite scarce.$15.00
41Wilson, Fred (editor)Classical Chess Matches: 1907-1913. 157 Games from 19 Matches as Reported in xi, 227pp.New York: Dover Publications, Inc.1975OPMy first book, and the scarcest of my Dover books as it was never reprinted. Fine copy, pb. A rare, uninscribed copy! However, I will inscribe it on request.$30.00
42Wilson, FredLesser - Known Chess Mastepieces: 1906 - 1915. 335 Games as Reported in The Year - Book of Chess.370pp.New York1974OPPaperbound, fine copy. Rare, uninscribed copy--inscribed on request! My second book, now scarce.$20.00
43White, Alain C. Sam Loyd and His Chess Problems.471pp.New York: Dover Pub.1962OPDover paperbound reprint of orig. 1913 edition. Fine copy. Scarce!$20.00
44Soltis, AndyThe Great Chess Tournament and Their Stories.ix, 257pp.Radnor, PA: Chilton Book Company1975OPThe first & only edition. Very nice copy in chipped d-j. Very scarce!$30.00
45Pandolfini, Bruce & Bruce Alberston (editors)The Best of Chess Life and Review. Volume 1, 1933-60 & Volume 2, 1960-1988.612 + 584pp.New York: Simon & Schuster1988OP2 volumes, paperbound, in very good condition. A terrific anthology, now quite scarce.$ 30.00
46Hallman, J. C.The Chess Artist. Genius, Obsession and the World's Oldest Game.vii(2), 334pp.New York: St. Martin's Press2003OPFine copy in d-j. Despite the author somewhat sneakily interviewing me without telling me this was for publication--so that some of you will discover I have a bit of a "potty mouth"--and that apparently Hallman never met a metaphor he didn't like, still an occasionally interesting read.$ 20.00
47Knight, Norman and Will GuyKing, Queen and Knight. A Chess Anthology in Prose and Verse. Compiled by …xv, 240pp.London1975OPFine copy in d-j. Now scarce.$15.00
48Zweig, StefanThe Royal Game & Other Stories. with an introduction by John Fowles. Translated from the German by Jill Sutcliffe.xviii, 250pp.New York: Harmony Books1981OP1st ed. of this—probably still the best—translation. Fine copy in chipped, repaired d-j. Very scarce.$20.00
49Reshevsky, Samuel (Annotated by...). Edited by Isaac Kashdan.FIRST PIATIGORSKY CUP. International Grandmaster Chess Tournament Held in Los Angeles, California, July 1963.xix, 204pp.Los Angeles: The Ward Ritchie Press1965OPFirst edition. VG copy, no d-j. Very scarce--even more so, in my experience, than the book of the SECOND PIATIGORSKY CUP. Keres & Petrosian tied for first place.$ 30.00
50Sokolsky, A. P.The Modern Openings in Theory and Practice. Their Influence on the Middlegame. Translated & edited by H. Golombek & E. Strauss.(7) 241pp.London & New York: Pitman Publishing1972OPFirst edition in English. VG copy in d-j. With many, occasionally little-known, illustrative games. Scarce.$25.00
51Tevis, WalterThe Queen's Gambit.243pp.New York1983OPOne of the best chess novels, by the author of "The Hustler". 1st edition. Fine copy in the attractive (slightly nicked) d-j. Belatedly given some very deserved recognition in an article in the Jan 27th, 2007 issue of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.$20.00
52Eales, RichardChess. The History of a Game.240pp. (+16pp. of illus.)London: B. T. Batsford, Ltd.1985OPFine copy in d-j. A somewhat dry but very accurate work. Scarce.$25.00
53Winter, EdwardChess Explorations. A Pot-Pourri from the Journal (7)343pp.London/NewYork: Cadogan Chess 1996OPThe first of Winter's books of this type; filled with interesting and unusual historical material, trivia, & games. VG copy, pb.$ 20.00
54Blackburne, Henry JosephBlackburne's Chess Games.330pp.New York: Dover Pub., Inc.1979OPPaperbound, fine copy. Quite scarce.$20.00
55Foldeak, ArpadChess Olympiads 1927-1968417pp.New York: Dover Pub., Inc.1979OPDover paper reprint of the 2nd, enlarged edition of 1969. Contains over 200 annotated games. Scarce!$ 15.00
56Sergeant, Philip W. The Unknown Morphy. Games, Writings, Biography.114pp.New York: Dover Pub., Inc1973OPNice copy of the Dover reprint of "Morphy Gleanings" (1932), which is, itself, quite scarce as it was never reprinted.$12.50
57Finkenzeller, R. (et al)Chess: A Celebration of 2,000 Years.208pp.New York1990OPA beautifully produced book with quite a silly text; it does however contain a wealth of fine illustrations (many in color). Fine copy in d-j.$35.00
58Darrach, BradBobby Fisher vs. the Rest of the World240pp.New York1974OPVG copy in fair d-j., now quite scarce. An awful book—but some of you won't take my word for it and will have to discover how crappy it is for yourselves!$20.00
59Hartston, WilliamThe Kings of Chess. A history of chess traced through the lives of its greatest players.190pp.New York1985OPNicely illustrated with some great photos & now scarce. Very nice copy in a good d-j.$25.00
60Sherwood, Robert & Dale BrandrethAVRO 1938 International Chess Tournament.Delaware: Caissa Editions2010A fantastically good job!! Includes notes from Euwe's Dutch book of the tournament, and much more! Mint copy.$44.00
61Maroczy, GezaPaul Morphy. Translated from the German by Robert Sherwood.xiv, 292pp.Yorklyn, DE: Caissa Editions2012NEW. First printing, of (only) 600 copies. Another beautifully produced cloth bound volume of Dale Brandreth's GREAT MASTERS SERIES. Contains 407 (mostly) deeply annotated games. IM Bernard Zuckerman once told me that the problem with Sergeant's well-known Morphy collection is that he did not take anywhere near enough of Maroczy's annotations! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.$ 50.00
62DeLucia, DavidDavid Delucia's Chess Library. A Few Old Friends. Second Edition394pp.Darien, CT2007OPLimited to 225 copies clothbound. Fine copy. Profusely illustrated catalog–largely in color– of the most valuable private collection in the U.S., and probably, after Lothar Schmid's, the second most valuable one in the world. I do think that now some of the evaluations are clearly on the low side. I HAVE ONLY ONE COPY FOR SALE!

63Cockburn, AlexanderIdle Passion. Chess and the Dance of Death.248pp.New York: Village Voice/Simon and Schuster1974OPA dreadful book filled with untruths by a man who hates chess. 1st ed., fine copy in d-j. Becoming (justly) scarce. $ 20.00
64(BOBBY FISCHER) Brady, FrankEndgame. Bobby Fischer's Remarkable Rise and Fall...xi, 384pp.New York: Crown Publishers2011First edition. UNCORRECTED PROOF COPY, paperbound (as issued), without the 8pp. of photos which appear in the first trade edition. Fine copy.$ 40.00
65Winter, EdwardKings, Commoners and Knaves.iv, 452pp.Milford, CT: Russell Enterprises, Inc.1999OPA very entertaining potpourri of games, history, tough book reviews, & etc. Fine copy.$15.00
66Saidy, Anthony & Norman LessingThe World of Chess.252pp.New York1974OPEntertaining & beautifully illustrated. VG copy.$20.00
67Zeuthen, SteffenWing Benoni. A Key to Key Structures.331pp.Denmark1975OPFirst & only edition. Contains 683 games. VG copy. Now scarce.$20.00
68Weinreb, MichaelThe Kings of New York. A Year Among the Geeks, Oddballs and Geniuses Who Make Up America's Top High School Chess Team.(7)289pp.New York: Gotham Books2007OPA great read! I was instrumental in having this book win the Cramer "Book of the Year" award in 2007, lobbying for it mightily. Mint in d-j.$ 15.00
69Kawabata, YasunariThe Master of Go. translated from the Japanese by Edward G. Seidensticker.viii, 188(3)pp.New York: Alfred A Knopf1972OPA VG copy in a torn, tape-repaired d-j. of the very scarce 1st edition (& only hardcover edition) in English. I consider this to be the best "chess novel" ever written, but you'll have to read it to see why I believe this! $20.00
70Wilson, Fred & Bruce Alberston303 Tricky Checkmates.184pp. + 8pp. of adsLas Vegas, NV: Cardoza Publishing2011 (3rd printing)Mint copy. Special price (list: $12.95) to introduce you to our "303" series!$ 10.00
71Harding, T.D., G.S. Botterill & C KottnauerThe Sicilian Sozin.iv, 192pp.Dallas, Texas: Chess Digest, Inc.1974OPFine copy in d-j.$10.00
72Zeuthen, SteffenSon of Sorrow: MODERN BENONI. Survey of a Structure.xiv, 404pp. + approx. 150pp. of complete games.Denmark1973OPSpine & outer edges slightly rubbed, but a good, sound copy of this large, somewhat obsessive collection, with 928 analysed Benoni positions & 868 complete, unannotated games. Becoming scarce. $ 20.00
73O'Connell, Kevin & David N.L. LevyAnatoly Karpov's Games as World Champion 1975-1978.208 pp.London: B. T. Batsford Ltd.1978OPPaperbound, with 200 diagrams. Fine copy. Very scarce!$ 20.00
74Silman, JeremyEssential Chess Endings Explained Move by Move, Volume One, Novice through Intermediate.224pp.Dallas: Chess Digest, Inc.1992.OPRevised 2nd Edition. Fine copy, pb. One of the best endgame books ever written for players under 1400-1500. Scarce.$ 15.00
75Soltis, GM AndrewBlack to Play and Win with 1…g6. A Complete Defensive System.152pp.Dallas: Chess Digest, Inc.1993OPRevised, 2nd Edition. Nice copy, pb. Becoming scarce.$ 10.00
76Soltis, AndrewBeating the Caro-Kann with the Advance Variation.104pp.Dallas: Chess Digest, Inc.1993OPNice copy, paperbound.$ 10.00
77Soltis, AndrewBird-Larsen Attack. A Complete Opening System with 1. f4 then 2. b3.112pp.Dallas: Chess Digest, Inc.1989OPPaperbound, nice copy–becoming scarce.$ 10.00
78Mednis, EdmarHow to Beat the Russiansxv, 297pp.New York: David McKay Co., Inc.1978OPActually, in my opinion, the best way is with a big stick (just kidding!). First edition, fine copy in d-j.$ 20.00
79Kazic, B. M.International Championship Chess. A complete record of FIDE events (from 1927-1973).(8)360pp.New York: Pitman Publishing1974OPAlso contains 273 (unannotated) games & positions. Fine copy in d-j.$ 15.00
80Konig, ImreChess from Morphy to Botwinnik - A Century of Chess Evolutionxv, 202pp.New Yorkn.d. (ca. 1954)OPA very good, sound copy of one of my favorite games collections. A wonderful history of the first 100 years of 4 major opening systems, Ruy Lopez, Queen's Gambit (& QGA), English Opening & King's Gambit, done mainly with COMPLETE GAMES.$20.00
81Chernev, IrvingWonders and Curiosities of Chess.203pp.New York: Dover Pub.1974OPPaper, vg copy. Vastly expanded edition of "Curious Chess Facts" (1937).$12.50
82Howard, Kenneth S. The Enjoyment of Chess Problems.x, 222pp.Philadelphia: David McKay Co.1943OPVG copy in d-j. First edition. Quite scarce.$ 15.00
83Euwe, Dr. MaxJudgement and Planning in Chess.ix, 190pp.London1973OPVG copy in d-j.$ 15.00
84Alexander, C.H.O'D.A Book of Chess.163pp.New York: Harper & Row Publishers1973OPAn very entertainly written book illustrated with several terrific photos. VG copy in good d-j. Scarce.$ 20.00
85(CHESS SETS). Williams, GarethMaster Pieces. The story of chess: the pieces, players and passion of 1,000 years.160pp.London2000OPThis is the most useful and accurate book ever written on chess pieces, and is essential for the serious collector of chess sets. Profusely illustrated IN COLOR. Mint in d-j.$ 20.00
86(CHESS SETS) Wichmann, Hans and SiegfriedChess. The Story of Chesspieces from Antiquity to Modern Times.328pp.New York: Crown Publishers, Inc.1960OPAn essential work for chess set collectors with 196 pages of FULL-PAGE PLATES (some in color). Very scarce. A just about fine copy in a chipped d-j.$50.00
87Matanovic, AleksandarChess Olympiad Skopje 1972.214pp(+ 8pp. ads)Beograd1972OPContains 280 games from the Men's event & 21 games from the Women's event–all with "Informant style" notes. Very good copy in d-j. Quite scarce.$ 20.00
88Waitzkin, FredSearching for Bobby Fischer.(4)227pp.New York: Random House1988OPInteresting, well-written & a "good read". Fine copy in d-j. of the attractively produced first edition. Becoming scarce.$20.00
89Levy, David N. L. (compiler)Learn Chess From the World Champions.vii, 206pp.Oxford: Pergamon Press1984OPOften interesting articles, sometimes in translation, by all the world champions (except Bobby!) from La Bourdonnais through Spassky. Paperbound, VG copy. Scarce!$20.00
90Ree, HansThe Human Comedy of Chess. A Grandmaster's, 334pp.Milford, CT: Russell Enterprises, Inc.1999Paperbound, fine copy. A treasure-trove of fine, perceptive writing! Very entertaining!$15.00
91Matanovic, Aleksandar (General editor)Encyclopedia of Chess Endings. Four of the 5 issued: Rook Endings; Queen Endings; Pawn Endings & Bishop/Knight Endings.Beograd: Informant1982, '83, '85, '86 OPAll four volumes in very good condition, with the dust-jackets. Becoming scarce. PRICE PER VOLUME....$ 25.00
92Harding, T. D.The Leningrad Dutch.ix, 179pp.Dallas, Texas: Chess Digest, Inc.1976OPFine copy in d-j.$ 10.00
93Lasker, EdwardChess Secrets I Learned from the Masters. xviii, 428pp.New York1951OP1st ed. A VG copy in a worn d-j. Probably the most interesting of Ed Lasker's semi-autobiographical books, and certainly the most scarce.$25.00
94Cafferty, Bernard & Mark TaimanovThe Soviet Championships.222pp. + 8pp. of photosLondon/New York: Cadogan Books1998OPFine copy in d-j. A nice selection of annotated games & positions from the 1st (Moscow 1920) to the 51st (Moscow 1991) Soviet Championships. (Originally published at $29.95).$20.00
95Fine, ReubenPsychoanalytic Observations on Chess and Chess Masters.80pp. (+ 2pp. illus.)(New York): National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis, Inc.1956OP1st ed., vg copy, paperbound. Fine's sorry screed describing the chessplayer's true, "grimmer motivation" ("father murder") for playing the game takes up the complete issue of "PSYCHOANALYSIS 3. Journal of Psychoanalytic Psychology". Deservedly scarce.$20.00
96Golombek, Harry (editor)Golombek's Encyclopedia of Chess360pp.New York1977OPAn uneven compilation though the material by Soltis & W. Heidenfeld is excellent. Scarce. Nice copy in d-j.$35.00
97(CHESS SETS). Lanier Graham, F.Chess Setsunpaginated (83pp.)New York1968OPFine copy in d-j. Profusely illustrated (a couple in COLOR). The frontispiece is the charred (from a WW II bombing of the British Museum) remains of the original drawings for "The Staunton Chessmen" done in 1839! Quite scarce!$20.00
98(CHESS SETS). Greygoose, FrankChessmen.160pp.New York1979OPFine copy in nice d-j. Profusely illustrated (many in COLOR). Becoming scarce.$20.00
99Wilson, Fred101 Questions on How to Play Chess.77pp.New York1994Paper, mint. Probably the greatest bargain on the planet! This book will tell you everything you need to know about chess. This book will set you free!$3.00
100Nimzovich, AronCarlsbad International Chess Tournament 1929. Translated from the Russian by Jim Marfia.xiii, 146pp.NY: Dover Pub., Inc.2004MINT COPY of the 2004 paperbound reprint of the 1st Dover edition of 1981(itself a translation, originally suggested by moi, of the rare Russian edition of 1930). Nimzowitsch's condescending, and occasionally acerbic, comments re his contemporaries are a hoot!$ 8.00
101(SOVIET CHAMPIONSHIP)XXII Russian Championship (Moscow 1955). (in RUSSIAN)264pp.Moscow1956OPHas all 197 games with notes. Geller & Smyslov tied for first. Edges rubbed, spine faded, lightly browned (as always), but a good, sound copy. Very scarce.$25.00
102(SOVIET CHAMPIONSHIP). XVII Russian Championship (Moscow 1949). (in RUSSIAN)315pp.Moscow1952OPHas all 190 games with notes. Smyslov & Bronstein tied for first. A very nice, tight clean copy, only very slightly browned. Extremely scarce thus!$35.00
103Kotov, A. (edited by M. Maklin)Alexander Kotov. (in RUSSIAN)304pp.Moscow1984OPWith 77 well-annotated games + his famous articles on the "tree of variations", which formed the backbone for his epic "Think Like a Grandmaster". Fine copy.$15.00
104Baturinski, V.Grossmeister FLOHR (in RUSSIAN).256pp.Moscow1985OPWith 75 well-annotated games(116 in all) by one of the first great "grinders". Fine copy.$15.00
105Ragozin, V. V. Selected Games. (in RUSSIAN)200pp.Moscow1964OPWith contributions by Abramov & Botvinnik. Contains 74 well-annotated games by BOTVINNIK'S primary sparring partner. Nice copy. Scarce.$15.00
106Golombek, HarryA History of Chess.256pp.London1976OPAn uneven albeit still interesting text, profusely illustrated (some in color). Nice copy.$20.00
107Bronstein, David and Furstenberg, TomThe Sorcerer's Apprentice. 305pp.New York1995OPPaperbound, fine copy.$20.00
108Gallagher, Joec3 Sicilian176pp.London: Everyman Chess1999OPPaperbound, fine copy. Contains 70 deeply annotated games.$15.00
109Blackstock, L. S.Ruy Lopez: Breyer Systemviii, 102pp.Dallas, Texas: Chess Digest, Inc.1976OPFine copy in d-j. Scarce.$10.00
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145Gallagher, JoeBeating the Anti-Sicilians.160pp.London1994OPPaper, vg copy.$10.00

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